Since quite some time we can call ourselves a billiard specialised organisation.
In december 2019 we decided to upgrade and work from a more professional and efficient base in Lommel (Belgium). The demand by recreative, competitive players for more professional services and equipment was raising substantial. Our workshops and storage space will make sure these targets are possible.

Due to these unpredictable era we are currently in, made us to do research in relevant products, especially designed for the world of billiards.
At the time, cleaning product line was meant to be developed from half 2021 on.
But the hard way this covid19 kicked in, we could no longer bear to see what harm is being done by the available products, which brings the worst to human and material...

Because of that we looked out for a range of products which are HARMLESS to both player and equipment. Table-owners, most certainly club-owners, even so their visitors can make sure that is clean and protected by 4BILLIARD range of products. This in differ with other products where you can bare-eyed see that hands suffer the hard sanitizer, but also cloth and equipment being affected or even damaged by them.
Worse playing and even bleeched cloths, cues and balls were things that disturbed us, even made us sick…

A based on probiotics cleaning line is what we offer, which make us utmost confident (backed up by science) that materials and humans will be 100% clean and protected, for now, but also for the future!

As well as all other main parts in billiards (cloths and balls) these products are top BELGIAN QUALITY!

Tests and users’ reactions speak for themselves: probiotic products 4BILLIARD are REVOLUTIONARY! Just let them convince you...